Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript


Many web developers are using JavaScript to write mostly simple native or jQuery powered functions. But JavaScript provides options to build complex namespaces and objects by using object oriented programming.

Playing with inheritance and polymorphism in Java

In previous article we were demonstrating polymorphism based on different parameters count or type (method overloading) which is not possible in PHP. Another attitude is runtime polymorphism essentially referred as method overriding. Method overriding is possible in PHP.

Constructors and polymorphism in Java versus PHP

From time to time I am playing with Java. I am writing just some small pieces of code, nothing big and complex. Usually I am comparing differences between Java and PHP. I discovered some interesting differences in classes constructing.

Experimenting with NodeJS

Well, over last two years, my attention to Node.js was growing. So I finally decided to examine what is really going on :-) Node.js is an open source (which is great), cross-platform runtime environment for server-side and networking applications.

Multiple virtual hosts with XAMPP on Windows

Few years ago, when I started with programming of web applications, I installed XAMPP package and was putting all stuff into the htdocs directory. Later, when I learned how to manipulate with Apache configuration file (httpd.conf), I created my another document root by editing DocumentRoot in config file. From that time, all my documents (applications) were served from that directory.

Loops and conditional statements in PERL in comparison with PHP

Work with loops like if - else, do - while, for, foreach in PERL is very flexible. On the other hand, this flexibility can result into the complexity. In PHP is situation with loops more simplified. Conditional statements are from my perspective very the same. Let's find out what are the differences.


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