Loops and conditional statements in PERL in comparison with PHP

Work with loops like if - else, do - while, for, foreach in PERL is very flexible. On the other hand, this flexibility can result into the complexity. In PHP is situation with loops more simplified. Conditional statements are from my perspective very the same. Let's find out what are the differences.

Arrays in PERL in comparison with PHP

Work with arrays in PHP is quite simple. All about arrays in PHP can be found in official documentation. In PERL is the situation a little bit more complicated. But, on the other hand, after first slight look into the PERL code, you can see if it's associative array or indexed array. In PHP, array variable notation is the same for both array types.

Introduction to PERL - first steps and work with variables

PERL acronym means Practical Extraction and Report Language and it's very practical and flexible. Its versatility permits versions of many programming paradigms: procedural, functional, and object-oriented. PERL is very similar to PHP in many ways. Let's start to run some PERL script on Windows 7 operating system.


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