Website www.dubak.sk is personal website of the author. For the author, programming is his hobby and currently main occupation. Through this site he wants to share his experiences. The site has a non-commercial character, so you will not find any form of advertising.

Author will gladly receive a feedback through contact form, which is supporting him into publishing of the new articles in his blog. Without author's permission it is not allowed to copy entire articles. It is allowed to copy, modify and use the published code.

The codes and procedures are not intellectual property of the author, as in many years of dedication to the issue of Internet applications, the author used it to adapt, amend and otherwise brought to code or procedure that has been invented by other programmers.

Author only use code that was released under a license that would entitle him to. The author is a supporter of the idea of free software. In his work, he is using only this code. Author likes to visit other sites and blogs that focus on creating applications using the "open source" technologies.

Any user can add comment under the articles and express his opinion. Author of comments is responsible for the content published within the Slovak law. It is prohibited to publish comments that are vulgar or otherwise inappropriate.


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