Basic online password hash generator

Passwords are most likely stored in the database using a one way encryption like md5 or sha1. But, even if the passwords are encrypted, they can still be cracked using brute force, rainbow tables or dictionary attacks.

It’s very common that the users use a simple passwords. That's why sometimes it's necessary to use salt. Using this simple tool, you can add some salt into your password hash. It simply adds a certain string into the password before hashing it. It’s not any harder to do than regular hashing.

The principle of using salt:

// normally hashing a string using md5
$password = md5($password);          
// using a salt, just add a string to the password before hashing it
$password = md5($password.$salt);

Of course, that example above would be very easy to brute force if attacker knows the salt which was used and which way. A salt can be as complicated or simple as you want it. The most important is to add salt, which is hard to guess (using combination of special character, digits and letters).

Try to generate your own hashed password:



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